It all started with a prayer

Zionsville Young Life depends on others to continually lift up in prayer to the Lord the people, plans, and challenges of our mission.

Prayer has been a foundational discipline within the Young Life ministry since Jim Rayburn formed his first club in Gainesville, Texas. Throughout our history, everything from daily work to major decisions has been preceded by a conscious effort to pray and seek God's will for the mission.  As the ministry continues to grow throughout our community, the leadership of Zionsville Young Life wants to intentionally and consistently pray over our work of introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

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  • Volunteer leaders: We love our leaders and are asking that God would bless them with boldness and courageousness in meeting new students and earning the right to share Christ.  It's the heart of YL!  As we start thinking about next year and the possible growth in both our Capernaum and YL clubs, we'd love more volunteer leaders.  Please ask God to provide all we need and to help us see that.
  • Camp trips:  Please pray for our messaging around YL summer camps, and that students would be receptive to our invitation.  It truly is a transformative experience and the best week of their life! 
  • Fundraising: We're thankful for our current situation, but we continue praying about ways to stabilize the ministry's financial health.  Please pray that God would show us the best ways to do that.
  • Opportunities to share YL: We're praying for more adults to become personally involved in  the ministry (e.g.,  leaders; committee and sub-committee members; active “Friends of Young Life”).  Our committee recently brainstormed some great opportunities to outreach in the community, so please pray that God would open those doors and lead the right people to us!  


  • In the past month, we welcomed two new students to our Capernaum club for students of varying abilities.  God has continued growing this ministry beyond what we ever envisioned, and we're so thankful for it!
  • Our finances are currently stable, and we could not be more thankful for all God has done in that area over the past few months.  We continue praying about our long-term fiscal health, but He is ever faithful!
  • We are so thankful for our volunteer leaders and adult committee members!  We know God has sent just the right people at the right time for this work.  We always ask for more, but we trust His plan and will.