It all started with a prayer

Zionsville Young Life depends on others to continually lift up in prayer to the Lord the people, plans, and challenges of our mission.

Prayer has been a foundational discipline within the Young Life ministry since Jim Rayburn formed his first club in Gainesville, Texas. Throughout our history, everything from daily work to major decisions has been preceded by a conscious effort to pray and seek God's will for the mission.  As the ministry continues to grow throughout our community, the leadership of Zionsville Young Life wants to intentionally and consistently pray over our work of introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

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  • Fundraising:  To put it simply, our area is now very much in need of new funding.  We've been praising God for faithfully providing this year despite some hiccups with our fundraising plans, and while we continue to be confident He will provide, we now recognize the need for an infusion of financial support.  Please pray for new and successful fundraising opportunities and for faithful donors who feel called to either start or continue supporting us!
  • More adult committee members:  We especially pray for parents with students who are in or close to entering high school, and for those who are gifted in fundraising.  We're so thankful for the adults who  serve on our committee and are praying for folks to join them!
  • Camp trips:  Please pray for our summer camp trips!  There's still time for students to sign-up, so we're praying that God would work some miracles with last-minute registrations.  Camp is a transformational experience and the best week of many students' lives, so please pray for a powerful and impactful trip!
  • Local churches: We've been praying for several months that God would open up opportunities for us to partner with some local churches, and He's been faithful in beginning to work in that area!  Please continue praying that more churches in our area would hear about, understand, and begin to support our mission financially and through prayer.  We also pray that their own ministries would continue to thrive  This month, we'd love you to pray for Traders Point Christian Church and Eagle Church.  


  • The upcoming start of the school year is so exciting and provides the opportunity for a fresh beginning, both with old friends and new ones!  We thank God for this attitude of anticipation and for refreshing out leaders and committee members for the Fall! 
  • We anticipate our upcoming camp trip with great excitement!  We ask that you praise God for each student and leader who will be attending, as we know it takes His spirit and divine will to make it possible.
  • We are so thankful for our volunteer leaders and adult committee members!  We know God has sent just the right people at the right time for this work.  We always ask for more, but we trust His plan.  
  • We've been asking you to pray for partnership opportunities with local churches for the past few months, and God has recently begun opening doors in that area!  We're so thankful and  ask that you continue praying for this!