Capernaum is our ministry for students with special needs.  The goal of this ministry is to give kids with disabilities the opportunity to hear the Gospel and experience the gift of life.

Capernaum Club

This ministry is specifically for students with special needs that cannot regularly participate in our weekly Young Life Club meetings.  We can't wait... we imagine it will be the most fun anyone is having on Friday afternoons!  This is a great way for students to serve, while also having the opportunity to acquire volunteer hours.

Special Events

If you want to get involved, we have an awesome opportunity to help serve our friends with special needs through Boone County Special Olympics.  If you like to play bocce ball, corn hole, softball, basketball, or even enjoy running and walking, you can help out.


Please take the time to connect with us and fill out a brief, confidential information form by clicking on the button below.  This will help us to learn more about your son/daughter so we can best serve them!

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By virtue of bringing kids with disabilities in the circle of Young Life, we are educating able-bodied people about kids with disabilities and what they have to give. These kids are not just tragic happenings that have come into the world. They are truly gifted, and we want to elevate the person with disabilities as created in the image of God, just as every other person on the planet.
— Nick Palermo, Founder of Young Life Capernaum